MLS IDX Support

Multiple Listing Services (MLS)

Navigating the complex technical landscape of providing property search and listings on your real estate website can be intimidating and time-consuming. At Cronees, we strive to simplify and stream-line the process so that you can focus on your core business. Whether you leverage MLS via RETS, IDX, or RESO, on WordPress, PHP, JavaScript or AWS, we are in your corner with the technology so that that building codes are the only jargon you’ll need to decode for your clients.  

Changing Landscape

The Real Estate landscape, like the Internet, changes at a rapid pace. The Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is not a single solution but rather an umbrella term used to describe a wide array of software, practices, and data sharing that allows realtors and their clients to search various regional listing services for property listings. Over the years, many solutions have be used, from distributing large files of listings on a schedule, loading other Website parts inside yours, and, more recently, by adopting structured and increasingly real-time protocols, like the Real Estate Standards Organization’s (RESO) Real Estate Transaction Standard or RETS, and ever-evolving modern Web API calls.  

As with the evolution of the Internet from mostly static, text pages accessed by modem, into the social and media rich environments we experience via Apps, on our laptops and even in our cars, at Cronees we help you stay on top of the changing technology landscape so that you can compete in the changing real estate market.

Real Estate Listings


We offer a Done For You launch service that will quickly get the your MLS/IDX Listings working for you (without you spending hours working on it). Instead of wrestling with the learning curve, let us set it up for you right the first time so you can focus on what you’re best at.


We will set up your property listings to make sure all of your available tools are working for you, not against you.



We will set up all of the property search & listing tools for each member of your team up to 10 people. Additional team members may be an extra fee.


All projects include:

Customize all website* settings

Customize meta tags to target the areas you serve

Complete your agent profile w/ photo, bio, & signature


Work directly with various IDX vendors on your behalf

Add social media links

Connect Facebook Messenger

Add Open House and Home Value widgets

Customize template accent color

Add your recruiting link (optional)

Lead Management

Smart Campaigns

Listings & Website Maintenance

Once your Website is set up, we will help you maintain it and make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to. We will ensure that your leads continue to come in with all of the pieces of your funnel working like a fine tuned machine.


We run your real estate Website so you can focus on what you do best




We’ll take care of your team’s Website and will manage it for you.